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Brandon Jordan began his journey in the financial services industry in 2005 in Atlanta. Brandon knew this was a career he was passionate about: helping people feel confident about their financial future. Brandon, along with his wife Jennifer, dreamt of all the opportunities to serve their community financially and locally. Now a thriving practice in Tyrone, GA Arch Advisory Group has established its roots and the team continues to grow.

Why Fayette County?

“We are excited about the growth and location of Arch Advisory Group,” says Jennifer. “Brandon, and the team are close enough to the city to visit weekly and continue servicing our Atlanta client base, but we are also able to make a greater impact by serving in our local community, churches and families. In addition, Atlanta’s Southside is seeing tremendous growth. We are able to offer local clientele the expertise and backing of a large Atlanta firm, on a more local and personal level.”

Why “Arch” Advisory?

“Arches are architectural structures that symbolize strength and stability, why even the state of Georgia is represented by an arch,” says partner Jennifer Jordan “Think about it, every day you walk through doors (arches) never questioning their strength to hold the building together. From Roman aqueducts, to the Arc de Triomphe, and the bridges you cross every day, arches have stood the test of time. Our entire bodies rest on a pair of arches! When wars and national disasters strike, the arches are what remain.”

Who is a financial architect?

“One of my favorite past times if fixing and building things, and I always felt like I would be a good engineer or architect,” managing partner, Brandon Jordan shares, “ A lot of that comes from my upbringing in the country. We had to fix things ourselves to get the job done. I think of myself as an architect for financial problems. I enjoy helping people establish a plan and putting those problem solving skills to work. I love how after our time working together people leave confident in their financial future. It is a group effort and there is always satisfaction in knowing you helped build a strong structure that will weather the test of time.”